Forklift Servicing


The Importance of Forklift Servicing

If you take the two minutes needed to watch the video above you will probably not need to read the rest of this page on forklift servicing.

Our friends over at Toyota Materials Handling explain it very well in the clip.

If you stop to consider the cost of your forklift truck breaking down it might surprise you. Just imagine if you are expecting a delivery and the forklift driver tell you his forklift is broken. You will soon realise the cost in terms of the additional standing time the delivery company will make to you. This could be anywhere up to £100.00 per hour. If your operation is a “just in time” process, what it is the cost of your production stopping. Staff standing around doing nothing, but being paid at the same time.

Forklift servicing regularly will make sure the availability is there 100% of the time. Scheduling a service is easy and cost effective. Depending on the number of hours your forklift works will dictate the service intervals. We can help advise you on this and our service manager will happily discuss this with you.

Routine servicing starts from as little as £49.00 per visit and includes all of the consumables required. We have service plans available to you as well. We can offer annual fully inclusive service packages that include everything you need. These packages do not include damage to the forklift trucks. If you find you have a lot of damage to your forklifts then speak to us and we can organise a driver refresher course.

All forklift trucks need to be serviced regularly as part of the LOLER certification process. Please feel free to click the link and after reading the HSE site information ask us any questions you may have.